Monday, April 30, 2012

time to catch up

A week or so ago we had impossible rain.  The type of rain that makes it impossible to go outside to do even the most mundane of tasks.  Then on ANZAC Day the rain cleared and the sun has been shining ever since.  It was time I got some tasks done.

Today was slightly cloudy, a little bit cold, but still perfect for errand running.  I wore black tho' my mood was light.

I marveled in the sun and on the ordinary things around me.

Friday, April 27, 2012

the colours of autumn

I love the crisp cool days of Autumn.  I love the colour, the smells and the, well, coolness of it.
Yesterday evening I went for a walk and took pictures of the colours around me.

Coffee Lane?  That's my kind of laneway!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'd like to thank .................

A wonderful thing about "Blogtopia" is that it gives me a place to escape to when I'm feeling at my lowest.  Thankfully I'm not as low as I was.  Hubby is 2/3 way though treatment and if anything, this experience has brought us ever closer.  I didn't appreciate how strong and loving our little family unit was until this year.
However there were days when I felt that there was no end in sight (usually when I was alone) and at those times I went to Blogtopia.
What started out as short visits to my four favourite blogs, quickly expanded to a traveling holiday to many different worlds.
And so there are some people I want to thank.

Eric - for his daily 'Tenin Perspective' of Paris.  A trip to Paris each day soothes even the  most      troubled soul.  Thank you Eric, also for your beautiful email.

Shell Sherree - She also took me to Paris with her exquisite illustrations, but also to Venice and Brisbane :)  She took a short break from blogging and has just started posting again, but reading her past posts, and imagining sipping iced tea, on a big comfy cushion in a gondola, being fanned by Hugh Jackman always made me giggle in the most girlish way. And thank you Shell for posting words of comfort here in my own corner of Blogtopia.

Indie - for her AMAZING recipes.   There was a lot of comfort cooking going on I can tell you.

Marianne - for unknowingly sharing with me a love of vintage clothes.   Plus has helped me greatly with hair tips and makeup reviews.  This talented gal has also inspired  me with her beautiful photos and now I want a camera for my birthday.

Vicki Archer - My fantasy life in France is her reality.

Carla - for also sharing her love of all things vintage.  And for her fabulous giveaways :)

And finally, Mise - a recent discovery.  Witty, cheerful and the woman from whom I found the name Blogtopia.  Thank you also for stopping by my place with your kind words.  Kindness is never an intrusion.

You've all made my heart lighter.