Thursday, January 31, 2013

Invasion of the knitted cuties

Today my daughter and I had a little fun with my phone camera and some knitted creatures I made last Winter.

There's a lot more in the pattern book and I intend to finish them all this Winter.

I think I see someone hiding behind the lattice.....

The end of the week is here. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Coffee, rain and a silky wrap

My goodness - what a difference a couple of days make!  It is wet wet wet.  And from what I hear, is going be verrrrrrrrrrrry windy.  Hopefully it won't be as bad as friends and family are experiencing up North.  Not much to do today except park on the couch with coffee and rice pudding.  It's still warm so my 1930's style wrap was perfect lounging wear this morning.  And a hot flat white in one of my favourite mugs was the perfect accessory.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thoughts for 2013

Well school holidays are almost done and we're all prepared for daughter's final year of primary school (yikes!).  Hubby is back at work and I've started a brand new job.  We're into the new year all good and proper now.
We had a full year last year, some things I've written about here, and some I haven't.  I started a couple of great projects last year and am looking forward to continuing them this year.
1. I became a Friend of The Cavalcade of History and Fashion late last year, and look forward to spending regular time helping out in the parlour with photographing and cataloging and storing the wonderful garments.
2. I put my dream of speaking fluent French into action last year and enrolled in French Beginners 1 with my Glamorous Neighbour.  GN and I are continuing with Beginners 2 and start soon - Can't Wait!

But now it's time for some more thinking and remodeling.
My wardrobe always springs to mind.  I had another clean out in late Spring and want to restock with some more vintage goodies - but that will have to come later.......

I think a family holiday should be on the cards, or at least some weekends away - but maybe this time we'll leave Sydney behind and explore rural New South Wales?
However, that said, I also want to attend more Sydney events and fully explore my home town - meet new people and learn about where I live.

I'd like to explore food, try new recipes, experiment with tastes.
And I think exploring new coffee flavours would be fun this year.............

I want to reorganise the house - in particular the kitchen.  And buy some hats.

I've been playing with different make up and hair styles and just rediscovering my girlishness.  But my make up storage is messy and I need a solution.

I want to get a proper grown up camera for blog photos.  My phone has been great - but I would like to take more professional shots.  And speaking of my blog - I need to organise my time and set aside time each week for regular posting - I'm a little too haphazard lately.

But first - my garden - my refuge - my sanctuary.   Our back garden is a mess as usual, but our front had become a wonderful overgrown paradise.
believe it or not there is a garden chair in there somewhere.....
It looked rather enchanting, but I knew that if left for another month, it would become a wilderness.  Plus this heat had given some bushes a right beating - in particular my lavender and tibouchina (though my rosemary is thriving).

So out come the secateurs and pruning shears much to hubby's dismay (he still doesn't get that in order to get a healthy bush and beautiful blooms next year one must prune at the end of season).  I'm a bit late in the season, but the dead foliage must be removed for the new growth to come through.  And my stoney path has disappeared under grass!!!  However I did make some pleasant discoveries as I was clipping and hacking.  Wild strawberries and pretty purple flowers had made our front garden their home.  And I'm happy to let them stay.

How's your new year shaping up?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny video with a message

I do like my meat, but don't want livestock to suffer before landing on my plate.  So I'm still on the lookout for an organic butcher -you'd think this part of Sydney would be full of them but no.....
I came across this funny video about upcoming Australia Day in my Google search this morning and thought you may get a laugh from it.

THIS Australia Day, #EveryoneDeservesADayOff via @AnimalsAus

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lautrec, new job, and a ruddy big sheep.

My goodness it's hot.
So so hot.
Hottest Summer I've seen for many a year.
Canberra was fun (and hot) and relaxing (and hot) and a tad cultural with a visit to the Toulouse  Lautrec exhibit followed by a few hours in Questacon - the trade off for the daughter spending an hour in the National Gallery.  We didn't spend too much time outdoors this visit - but daughter did snap some sweet street art in between department store hopping.
Coming home we watched the temperature gauge outside the car go up and up - but desperately needed a coffee so found a bakery with rather large livestock.

My new job is fabulous and has the best view.
Now - back to the air conditioner..................

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ending the year with some history

The day before New Years Eve (would that make it New Years Eve - Eve?) we braved the city to visit a museum we had only just discovered thanks to Google.

I had been into the city the day before to have a leisurely wander around the library - which was shut - and take some happy snaps of "stuff" seen around town.

Susannah Place Museum is a gem of a find.  It's a small row of working class terrace houses with a little corner shop, that was built in 1844, and was continually occupied until 1990.  It's open 7 days a week and can only be seen through a tour (inside photos not allowed).  However the tour is wonderful.  Full of information about the terrace and of the families who occupied them.   Across the road is the Big Dig.  An archeological site where once stood tenement houses, that played a part in the plague outbreak of 1900.  Nowadays there is a youth hostel, however great care was taken to preserve the archeology when it was being built, and is open to the public.  Two wonderful snapshots of Sydney's past.

Corner Store at Susannah Place

Back of Susannah Place Museum

Cribbs Lane early 1900's - The Big Dig

Cribbs Lane Dec 2012 - The Big Dig

Caraher's Lane C1900 - The Big Dig

Caraher's Lane Dec 2012 - The Big Dig
Then I just went walking, taking random pictures around The Rocks (and you get a glimpse of my black ballet flat that seems to keep popping into my photos)

It was an historical day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First post for 2013

Well, we're well in to the new year, hangovers have passed, and everybody is detoxing - wait - that was my previous life.

Our Christmas and new year was spent peacefully and happily with friends and food - so - much - food!
We're rested and (almost) ready to spring into 2013 with abandon and relish (which sounds like a sandwich or really cool names for pet fish - but I digress).

Today daughter wanted to hit the sales with her birthday and Christmas money from her Grandad, and a Smiggle gift voucher from a friend.  She looked like a mini me, strutting around the mall with her shopping bags,
only she has different hair colour
and skin tone
and eye colour
Well ok she looks like a mini version of her dad (but much prettier), but the attitude was all me!

The only thing I got was bobby pins for I was on the look out for cute accessories from the local thrift stores.

Plus also I caved about a week before Christmas and bought something NEW!  So I didn't quite complete my challenge of not buying "new" clothes until the end of the year, buy hey - it's cashmere and silk and was reduced and do I REALLY need to justify myself............................

Cashmere and silk sweater which looks naff on red chair but AWESOME on me!
Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.
How did you celebrate?