Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ending the year with some history

The day before New Years Eve (would that make it New Years Eve - Eve?) we braved the city to visit a museum we had only just discovered thanks to Google.

I had been into the city the day before to have a leisurely wander around the library - which was shut - and take some happy snaps of "stuff" seen around town.

Susannah Place Museum is a gem of a find.  It's a small row of working class terrace houses with a little corner shop, that was built in 1844, and was continually occupied until 1990.  It's open 7 days a week and can only be seen through a tour (inside photos not allowed).  However the tour is wonderful.  Full of information about the terrace and of the families who occupied them.   Across the road is the Big Dig.  An archeological site where once stood tenement houses, that played a part in the plague outbreak of 1900.  Nowadays there is a youth hostel, however great care was taken to preserve the archeology when it was being built, and is open to the public.  Two wonderful snapshots of Sydney's past.

Corner Store at Susannah Place

Back of Susannah Place Museum

Cribbs Lane early 1900's - The Big Dig

Cribbs Lane Dec 2012 - The Big Dig

Caraher's Lane C1900 - The Big Dig

Caraher's Lane Dec 2012 - The Big Dig
Then I just went walking, taking random pictures around The Rocks (and you get a glimpse of my black ballet flat that seems to keep popping into my photos)

It was an historical day.


  1. What a delightful, historical collection of photos. I love the "then" and "now" views you have shown.

    Love the ballet flats, too...


  2. It's always nice to know where you are standing - and what you're standing in ;)

  3. Hello dear. :) Nice pics, like your posts. :) I am your new follow now, hope you follow back (??) :)

    Have a nice day and kisses. :*

    Your Elizabeth..

  4. Thanks Elizabeth. Will stop by your site when I'm back from my break xxx

    Hi Richard. I do love the older buildings too.

  5. sungguh berbeda. banyak perubahan.:)


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