Thursday, January 31, 2013

Invasion of the knitted cuties

Today my daughter and I had a little fun with my phone camera and some knitted creatures I made last Winter.

There's a lot more in the pattern book and I intend to finish them all this Winter.

I think I see someone hiding behind the lattice.....

The end of the week is here. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I love them! They're so darned cute and sweet. Love their faces.. :) You have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Those are adorable. I have just started knitting after many years of absence. All my sisters knit and I just "joined the club."

    (Boy, am I s-l-o-w!)


  3. So sorry everyone - it seems my comments disappeared.

    Thank you Joyti. So lovely to see you back!!

    Thank you too Mary. My sister keeps sending me requests for her children :)

    Good club to be in Genie - and you will get faster, trust me

  4. I so wish I had learnt to knit while they taught us at school :( All I know is to knit a shawl and there too I don't even know what to do with the ends! The knitted cuties look so adorable - must have been so fun to make them :)

  5. Thank you, they are a lot of fun. And surprisingly easy. :)

  6. Hey Debs!! these are simply adorable! I can only knit a scarf!! ha but these are too cute!! x thanks for stopping by my blog! xxxx


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