Monday, February 25, 2013

Colourful window dressing

Walking to the car after French class with Glamorous Neighbour on Thursday night, we see a fun reminder that it's Mardi Gras here in Sydney.
Start of the week is here, looking forward to the weekend already.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ukeleles, suitcases and sensible shoes

On Tuesday night (see, I'm catching up) hubby and I went with friends to The State Theatre to see the Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain.  While I had conjured in my mind's eye an image of a stage full of Tiny Tims in Hawaiian shirts plinking away to the strains of Tiptoe Through The Tulips, and was reluctant to go, the thought of a night at The State Theatre was too tempting.

The weather is horrible and muggy at the moment, so a cool-but-still-nice-for-the-theatre dress was called for.  Ballet flats added a casual touch.  How sad that no-body seems to dress up any more - I've seen torn jeans at the Opera House -I long for the days when going to the theatre was considered a treat and people took a bit more effort with their attire. 

Hubby took us to dinner at Gowings Bar and Grill in the new QT Hotel (click on the first picture link for a little promo video) that's just opened up right next to the theatre, in the old Gowings Building (little video shows old footage and interior of new hotel).  I fell in love with the walls of retro paraphernalia.

  (I have a new phone and am still getting used to it's camera - having lots of fun with the different effects)

The orchestra was nothing like I'd envisaged, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was an hilarious evening.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birthdays, flags and chocolate.

Last Sunday (yes I'm still a week behind) we went out for Hubby's birthday.
A trip into Newtown, a reminder that Mardi Gras season has started, and some shopping topped off with the best burgers we ever had and yummy hot chocolate.
He said it was the nicest birthday outing he's had in a long time.

I think I need one of these chocolate machines......

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Light and shade

Last Thursday (yes a week ago today - I'm THAT behind in my blogging) was such a beautiful day.  I was struck by the completely blue sky.  I'd call it more Robin's Egg Blue than Sky Blue (probably because I just love the name).

I took some photos because I just loved the stark outline of suburbia against a perfect sky.  I then got entranced in the whole light/shade thing and took photos of trees and the water as it lap lapped against the stone wall.

I decided to finish with a contrasting photo of the muted shades of my clothes against the bold red of the couch (silly facial expression was an optional extra).

Happy Valentines Day - and for those who don't celebrate it - Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To pedal or not to pedal?

I did a bit of baking this morning and needed more flour.  I thought I'd ride my bike to the shop instead of walking.

Hubby found a gorgeous bike for me at a council clean up a while ago and I love it!!!  It's the most pretty blue and the very sight of it makes me smile.  Trouble is, with one thing and another, and weather not very conducive to bike riding, I've only taken it out once - and then very briefly.

I thought I'd try a few laps around the yard first - you know - to re-familiarise myself with a push bike.  I had flashbacks of my last ride (around the block, panting along, having to stop at every corner and needing a nap when I got home) and I didn't want to look silly to the school kids as I passed by.  I think my front tyre was a little flat, but not too bad.

After puffing around the yard once, I came to the conclusion that it would be much too fiddly riding the bike to the shops.  After all I don't have a natty little basket with flap attached to my bike and riding along with shopping bag on the handle was just too too awkward................................

I walked instead.
(of course it had nothing to do with my lack of stamina and co-ordination)

putting the stand up helps