Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To pedal or not to pedal?

I did a bit of baking this morning and needed more flour.  I thought I'd ride my bike to the shop instead of walking.

Hubby found a gorgeous bike for me at a council clean up a while ago and I love it!!!  It's the most pretty blue and the very sight of it makes me smile.  Trouble is, with one thing and another, and weather not very conducive to bike riding, I've only taken it out once - and then very briefly.

I thought I'd try a few laps around the yard first - you know - to re-familiarise myself with a push bike.  I had flashbacks of my last ride (around the block, panting along, having to stop at every corner and needing a nap when I got home) and I didn't want to look silly to the school kids as I passed by.  I think my front tyre was a little flat, but not too bad.

After puffing around the yard once, I came to the conclusion that it would be much too fiddly riding the bike to the shops.  After all I don't have a natty little basket with flap attached to my bike and riding along with shopping bag on the handle was just too too awkward................................

I walked instead.
(of course it had nothing to do with my lack of stamina and co-ordination)

putting the stand up helps


  1. What a cool bike! And i love the color. Robin's Egg Blue, i think. I would have chosen to walk also. I haven't been on a bicycle in at least 20 years!

  2. Oh Robin's Egg Blue! It sounds so lovely that I'd love to paint a room in it.

  3. * La bicyclette bleue * is a roman title, well known from Régine Déforge. The story in about the last wotd war. People in la résistance. Il has several books. Very interesting. Probably translate un english.

  4. You make me laught. Remembering an adventure in Birmany. A friend and I, rent a bike, But mine was * crouket * ( voilée ). And I had to walk most of the street. Lucky enougt, not far.


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