Saturday, March 16, 2013

Knitted cuties part 2

My computer and I have not been friends of late.  I've not been able to look it in the eye (or rather, monitor) for more than a few minutes for about a week.  This was due to another attack from the Migraine Monster, but my PC took it to heart and now it's sulking and not letting me upload photos from my phone.  So I'm emailing them to myself.  The things we do...............

And all I want to do is give you a Knitted Cuties update.

Here they are again with an addition of a little rainbow coloured whale.

Here he is on closer inspection.

A happy fellow - soon to be joined by his friends, the blind octopus and the one eyed tadpole.  They are patiently waiting for me to get organised and buy the buttons for their eyes.

And can you tell what this one is going to be?


  1. They all look so lovely! Hope the PC has come out of its sulking mood by now :)

  2. PC seems to be behaving - unlike other members of this household ;)

  3. So very cute! I have made these too, but crochet, not knitting. I like the button eyes a lot. I can't figure out what the red one is though.

  4. Ahh - I shall post about him soon ;)

  5. •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

    Un petit bonjour chez toi Debs

    J'aime beaucoup tes réalisations au tricot !
    C'est très mignon !!!!

    BISES d'Asie pour toi !!!
    Passe une belle journée !!!

    •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

  6. •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰
    Bonjour Chère Debs
    Je te fais un coucou amical !

    je t'envoie plein de bises d'Asie
    et je te souhaite un bon week-end de Pâques !!!
    •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

  7. Would you like rets of wool ? Plenty. Already 6 jackets... enough ! Non ?

  8. Traveling in Namibia, with fiend and guide, we stop on the road way back, on a stall where ladies where selling beautifull dolls. I say * I would have plenty of material for you, in my country, shame. The clever lady push a adress and me, writting to friends for them to send an envelop to her.
    Me, to many. I wait somebody goes there, through agency, to take the parcels with them....

    So ! I shouldn't say * you want some ???*

    Hello from Lausanne. Bonne journée.


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