Sunday, April 14, 2013

My neighbourhood..............

Thought I'd show you around where I live............

Lots of lovely mysterious and romantic buildings and churches, terrace houses, little houses with lots of chimneys, beaches, a house with a pond as the front yard and the odd exposed plumbing.

Ok - it's not exactly my suburb, but rather the suburbs surrounding mine.  One in particular (can you guess where it is?).  On my daily walk from the car to work I pass a lot of these lovely buildings and scenes, and it struck me a couple of weeks ago, that I know so little about them.   After accidentally coming across some photos of pre World War I Manly, I've decided I need to know more about where I live.  Maybe take one of those walking history tours I so often see advertised in the local rag.

I'd also like to investigate the history of my own little house.  I am rather fond of it despite occasional rising damp, leaky bathrooms and mould.  Who lived here before us?  Who were the original owners?  Would they like the changes we've made?  How old is our house?  So many questions.  I feel there are many hours of Googling ahead of me...............................

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