Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Autumn bliss

We're well into Autumn now - in fact we're almost into Winter.  We've had beautifully cool but gloriously sunny days, foggy days and rainy days. The trees are in full bloom of Autumn colour - both traditional and non-traditional.

I've been picking Autumn leaves with my daughter, having cosy birthday dinners in warm restaurants with friends, taking pictures of moonlit beaches and rainbow suburbia, knitting rugs, reading and just relishing the cooler weather.

Birthday bouquet from boss
 Yes - this is much better.......................


  1. Oh don't worry we're into Winter too and we're supposed to be into Sring...

    1. I hope it warms up for you soon manu xx

  2. So surprising to remember there are other seasons going on. Autumn is a beautiful season. And I see what you mean about the trees. What kind of trees are they? And I can't imagine flying foxes!

  3. Melissa : I guess that would sound confusing. They're a strange mixture of cute furry marsupial and bat wings. I'm not sure of the "proper fauna" name for them, but everyone calls them flying foxes.

    Thank you Akila :)


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