Monday, May 13, 2013

Home and hosed

Well hello hello how lovely it is to be back!  We've had a delightful and eventful (if not a tad exhausting) visit with the gorgeous sister in law coming to stay.  She's now tucked back in her corner of the world, and our life is back to everyday routine.  So to slide back in to my blog routine (did I ever have a blog routine?) here are a few pics from our girly trip to Central Coast and Hunter region.  

Overnight trip to Forster, stopping at The Entrance for some lunch and pelican watching.  Booking into a hotel that smelt faintly of wet dog and giggling at complimentary Anzac biscuits that almost broke SIL's teeth.  Rest of the day was spent browsing shops and sitting by the water - and lots of eating.......

Next morning, more of the same, and then off to discover a green cathedral. 
We found some driftwood and secret messages in the sand.

Continued on to Wingham, we find magic trees, and an entrance to a secret kingdom - and about a million flying foxes........

We decided to head home, but were then surprised and astonished by a tree covered in white underpants - oh wait - they're white cockatoos!  (oops)

Picture taken by my sister in law.

Finally after many kilometers, stories, laughs, pit stops, snack stops and a busted gear box, we were home. (and 3 weeks later I'm finally back on the road)

Photo by my sister in law.


  1. They certainly were. They were just begging to be climbed but it wasn't allowed.


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