Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Winter weather wonderments

I've spent the whole of last week and a good portion of the long weekend recovering from a viral lung infection that seemed to come from nowhere and whack me from behind (or rather my left side).  What started out as a little stitch in my left side when walking the puppy, turned into a fight for breath and visits to the doctor.  (Thank goodness for scheduled posts otherwise the last post would still be on my list of things to do)

I have had a good rest and am nearly back 100% (I just need some serious French catch-up as that's now 2 lessons I've missed - thank goodness for Glamorous Neighbour and her fantastic note taking abilities and internet searching talent)

Now on a completely different tack - here's what our weather has been doing.
It's now officially Winter and the climate has been behaving accordingly, with foggy days, rainy days accessorised with rainbows, and glorious moons (that's moonlit nights for those of you who suddenly got a different picture in your mind's eye).

Foggy day in Sydney town.  We had a few mornings of fabulous fog which would have been perfect for photos - except that I didn't take any.  Hubby took this cool shot when he was on his way to work.

I did however take this photo after a sudden downpour (just on school pick up time).

And finally, two shots taken on the way out to dinner with friends.  I just had to stop and take photos of the moonlight on the water.  Hubby and daughter were most patient as it took me a while to find the right setting on my phone.


  1. How lucky to capture a rainbow! Just curious, how cold does it get there in the winter?

  2. Depends on where you are. Here in Sydney it can get to about 4C (I think that's about 39F). In Melboune, Canberra and in Tasmania it gets colder, whereas Queensland is warmer the further North you go. And states like Western Australia and Northern Territory stay fairly warm to unbearably hot all year round.

  3. Beautiful pics even if I don't miss winter. Here we're still waiting for summer to come...I can't wait.
    Take care

  4. I hope you get warm weather soon :)

  5. How lovely! It is so nice that you were able to capture a rainbow.

  6. Sometimes I'm just in the right place at the right time :)


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