Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paris Then And Now

Image from Booktopia

For those who love Paris and a bit of history, this book is a fascinating marriage of the two.
Each page turn takes you to a different part of Paris.  The photo on the left transporting you to a scene from the past (anywhere from the 1830's to the 1940's) with a brief history of the building or area.  Then the page on the right brings you into to the same scene today.

To locate a copy, click on the link under "What's on my nightstand" to the left.

You will be mesmerised - I promise you.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Le 14 juillet

It's Bastille Day! 
Doesn't mean much to us here in Australia - however there are a few diehard Francophiles around and we like to celebrate in our small way.

Me - I marked the occasion by wearing my favourite Picasso top that I bought from the Art Gallery of NSW of all places. 

I didn't wear it like this however (a little too cliché - this was taken last year at an international party for daughter's birthday- I went as France of course).

No, I wore my top more like this

Pic from Messes of Dresses

and summoned up my inner goddess - complete with head band and sultry look.  Well, ok, not the look.  Only Bridget can pull that one off.  Trouble was, I was so busy working my look that I forgot to take a photo.  Never mind, I'm sure you'd much rather see Bridget ;)

Now I guess that I should have spent the day eating croissant with my good friend and fellow Francophile, Glamorous Neighbour, but she was busy walking across the Harbour Bridge with her current house guest from PARIS!!!!!!!  I shall call her La Parisienne!  (I haven't seen much of GN these last couple of weeks - helloooo over the fence - hellooooooo, but I'm hoping to catch up with GN and LP on Tuesday for some caf√© and a little practice in speaking French).

So I spent a lovely day shopping for some clothes for hubby.

Just as nice :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New side icon and a thumping good read

Hello hello everyone!  Finally back from my little unplanned blog break.  I had a week off and one thing and another - plus a sick hubby (and a daughter who won't relinquish the PC) - I've not even looked at the computer.

I've been doing lots of reading and knitting (posts on that last one coming soon).  I have sooooo many books - books that have been sitting on my shelves for years and I'd not touched yet!   Bad bad bad!  Of course it doesn't help that I'm addicted to book shops (online and otherwise) and seem to add to my collection before I've read my older volumes.  Fiction and non-fiction, I love them all.

And because I love reading and talking about books, I thought I'd add another little icon at the side just for fun.  I've called it "On my nightstand" and it's a small list of - well - what's on my nightstand - complete with links. The books I'm gobbling at the moment and books I've recently gobbled.  You'll find it on the left just above the categories. 

To start off the list is a recent addiction on mine - Phyrne Fisher murder mysteries.

Picture of audio book from ABC website

Death At Victoria Dock is the fourth book in the series (yes I've already read the first 3).
Set in 1920's Melbourne, Phryne is a rich bright young thing, with a poverty background, and a talent for solving mysteries.  Sassy and brave she gets involved in all sorts of mischief, but always comes up trumps. 

In this book, Phyrne witnesses a shooting and is shot at in the process.  The victim bleeds to death in Phryne's arms (and all over her silk shirt).  Enraged at the death of a young man, the ruined silk shirt, and the shot out windscreen of her car, she vows to find those responsible.  Along the way she finds a runaway teen, and still has time for romantic interludes. 

What a life!