Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wardrobe CPR

I mentioned a little while back that I was going to write a post about another chapter from the fabulous book 'Madame Chic'.  I was going to follow on from the eating component with the exercise component.

However, since my still rather mysterious in origin lung complaint, I have not been able to exercise, or even move about as I used to.  So while I essentially feel fine - I need to build up my strength and stamina again before even think about foregoing lifts for 5 flights of stairs.

So I will move on to the following chapters and come back to exercise later.

Liberate yourself with a 10 item wardrobe.

Easier than it sounds ladies (and gents).

When I first read the chapters I thought "Oh pish!  How could I possibly get by with 10 items".  But then I spent a couple of weeks bedridden and was forced to look at my overstuffed wardrobe.  I thought long and hard (nothing else to do) about what I actually wear out of all the items crammed in there, what I enjoy wearing, and what I wear purely because I spent a lot of money on it, or it was given to me by someone special etc.  I thought about what suited me and what I keep just because it's a 'label'.

I decided that my wardrobe wasn't working.  I either needed more space or I needed to cull.
Space wasn't going to happen so culling I did go!

Once I sorted out my piles I put together a 15 item wardrobe (yes - I didn't exactly stick to the 10 item rule but I had to factor in laundry time), and this is what I discovered.
1.  All my coordinates now - well - coordinate beautifully.
2. I no longer have the what to wear dilemma as everything now goes with everything else.
3. I have SPACE!  I can even fit in my vintage dresses (which I counted as part of the 15 items)

I was inspired to continue and got inventive with shoe space.
My hanging section of our wardrobe

Find your true style

This I found easy once I had worked out what style suites me and what I feel good in.  I needed a couple of things to complete my new Winter wardrobe (namely some long sleeve tees - which don't count towards the 15 items as they're classed as layering items) and a pair of skinny jeans or pants.
I realised that I'm a combination of styles, casual elegance with a city edge and vintage when the mood takes me.
Once I worked out what I liked best, shopping was easy.
Now I love every item in my wardrobe and never have a dilemma getting dressed again.

Except that now Spring is almost here and I need to work out my Spring wardrobe.........

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Diagnosis male

This book comes with a warning! 
Do not read this book in a public place if you get embarrassed easily.
For this book will have you laughing out loud and people will stare - you can trust me on this one.

Diagnosis Male by Troy Harvey is one man's hilarious account of his various maladies and his dealings with the medical profession.  Men will relate to it and women will get a great insight into the male mind when it comes to their reluctance to see a doctor.

Parts of the book had me laughing so hard my eyes watered, I couldn't see the pages, and I had to dive for hubby's ventolin as breathing became an issue.  Pick up time at Daughter's school is not a good time or place to read this book, I discovered.  The stares I got as I guffawed and snorted into the pages led me to believe that the Stranger Danger alert would be activated at any second.

This is a keeper.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dangerous Corner

Saturday before last - goodness I am getting behind myself - which brings to mind visions of me chasing a long white fluffy tail - must stop eating cheese - where was I? - hubby and I went to see the closing night of a play.  Not just any play, but a play with a colleague of his in a lead role.

Dangerous Corner was a very funny black "whodunit" comedy  set in 1930's England. A wealthy young couple are entertaining guests at their country retreat, when a chance remark by one of the guests begins a chain reaction of revelations and confessions.  Who took the missing £500?  Did the brother-in-law really shoot himself, if not then who shot him?  Is anyone hungry?  Everyone seems to be in love with everyone else except for their own spouses, and are you sure you wouldn't like some  sandwiches?

The play was in a small theatre, The Genesian Theatre which was originally a small church (follow the link and scroll down to Kent Street) built in the 1860's.  It served as a church and a poor school until 1932, then a theatre for a few years, then became the first Matthew Talbot Hostel in 1938, before becoming the home of The Genesian Theatre Company in 1954.  I never knew this place existed, but I'm sure to go back.

Quick shot of original ceiling during intermission

Friday, August 16, 2013

First whiff of spring

On Monday morning, whilst walking from the car to work, I caught the first whiff of Spring.
It was a beautiful sunny, warm late Winter morning, I'd already had a compliment about my shoes from a passing jogger, and I was feeling quite wonderful for a Monday.

"Oh that florist smells just divine" I thought to myself.  Then I realised I was walking past a school.
When it dawned on me that I had just had my first Spring olfactory experience for the year, *my feelings went  up even further.  I skipped across the road, smiling and waving at amused (or should that be bemused) commuters.

Unfortunately the weather didn't hold and became incredibly windy (the people losing their roofs and being injured by flying trees type of windy).

But I caught the whiff again when picking daughter up from school.  And this time I was able to follow the whiff to a clump of jasmine just opening its eyes from it's Winter slumber.  "Hello Spring!!" I wanted to shout, realising just in time that again I was outside a school and was walking with a Tween Daughter who seems to be embarrassed by me at times.  Goodness knows why........

Photo from Howallpaperes

* It makes my feelings go up was a phrase coined by Daughter at about the age of 2 and a half, when she was explaining that something made her happy.  The phrase has stuck ever since.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Green Hill Murder - Kerry Greenwood

Image from Good Reads

Book number 5 in the Phryne Fisher murder mysteries begins with Prhyne dancing the night away at the exclusive club The Green Mill.  And of course, this being Phryne, mischief is never too far away.  A man is stabbed on the dance floor, but nobody has seen anything.  Once again our heroine must use her masterful mind in solving the case - not because she has any close connection with the victim, but because her dance partner took off like a frightened rabbit and so was blamed for the murder.

Phryne, must find him, as well as a missing brother, an errant husband and help a cheated couple, all while assisting the police to catch the real culprit.

And look exceedingly fashionable all the while..................