Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dangerous Corner

Saturday before last - goodness I am getting behind myself - which brings to mind visions of me chasing a long white fluffy tail - must stop eating cheese - where was I? - hubby and I went to see the closing night of a play.  Not just any play, but a play with a colleague of his in a lead role.

Dangerous Corner was a very funny black "whodunit" comedy  set in 1930's England. A wealthy young couple are entertaining guests at their country retreat, when a chance remark by one of the guests begins a chain reaction of revelations and confessions.  Who took the missing £500?  Did the brother-in-law really shoot himself, if not then who shot him?  Is anyone hungry?  Everyone seems to be in love with everyone else except for their own spouses, and are you sure you wouldn't like some  sandwiches?

The play was in a small theatre, The Genesian Theatre which was originally a small church (follow the link and scroll down to Kent Street) built in the 1860's.  It served as a church and a poor school until 1932, then a theatre for a few years, then became the first Matthew Talbot Hostel in 1938, before becoming the home of The Genesian Theatre Company in 1954.  I never knew this place existed, but I'm sure to go back.

Quick shot of original ceiling during intermission

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