Friday, September 27, 2013

The lighthouse keeper.

Up I climb, up the slippery steps.
My thighs are burning, but finally I spy what I'm looking for.
The lighthouse.
I rest against the tower and gaze out to sea.
I hear the buildings whisper to me, "He is here, he is here".
Or is it the wind?
My eyes search the bush.
The towns people spoke of a secret path........
The trees sigh, "Follow, follow"
Stumbling along the path my foot catches a rock
I trip and find,
The Lighthouse Keepers grave.

Photos by Debs, taken in July 2013, of Barrenjoey Lighthouse and the grave of it's first keeper, George Mulhull, who died in 1885.

*Unknowingly, I wrote this post at the very time that the lighthouse was being threatened by a bush fire.  My thanks to the fire fighters for saving part of our history.


  1. Beautiful lighthouse and great panorama.

  2. Hard climb but so worth the view:-)

  3. Thanks Debs ! I love this pictures of the lighthouse !!! :o) So beautiful view !!!!
    Kisses from Thailand ! :o)

  4. Thanks Nancy. What I didn't realise when I was writing this post was at the same time the lighthouse was being threatened by a huge bushfire. Thankfully it has been saved by some very brave fire fighters.

  5. Light houses are such grand guardians with many stories to tell.

  6. If only those walls could talk.....

  7. Very nicely written narration of your search for the keeper, Debs.
    I like lighthouses. But I don't remember many if any in Sydney. We were there this January for a few days. Mrs. Jim and I both like Sydney.

    1. They're here, but you need to know where to look. This lighthouse is in Palm Beach which is in the North end of Sydney. I hope you enjoyed your stay here :-)

  8. Sorry I am so late in returning your comment. I too like dogs. I believe they get better treatment now than they did back in 1887.


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