Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Retro daydreams

Don't you sometimes wish you could be transported back to another time?

Sometimes I dream of living in a modern (for its time) and stylish and oh so chic 1950's or 1960's house.

I would wear pretty floral dresses and mix cocktails for my husband when he comes home from work at the advertising agency.  We would sit on our stylish deck and I would listen meekly as he berates me for using my magical powers and speaks ill of my mother............

I have been watching too many episodes of Bewitched...............

Or I would be a teenager, listening to records and lying on the rug, twirling my hair around my finger as I talked for hours and hours with my girlfriends.  And dream that that cute surfer boy would someday notice me............

I have been watching too many episode of Gidget.................

I would whip up delicious meals that would feed a small country, with a half hours notice, while remaining cool calm and oh so poised without a hair out of place.

I've been watching too many episodes of Leave It To Beaver....................

I would sit my Master in a chair and serve him drinks and cater to his every whim when he came home from a day of drama and high-jinks at NASA.

Ok - I have been watching waaaaay too many episodes of I Dream Of Genie!

Hmmmm - I think I'll stick to my 21st century house and on Friday nights sip a glass of white on the deck as my daughter chats to her friends on Skype and  hubby orders takeaway.

And stop watching old re-runs on tv.........................

Photos taken at Rose Siedler House in August 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

A lovers walk.

My love and I went walking
Looking for adventure

And pirates

We discovered secluded seaside cottages
And shared tea with exiled royalty

We explored an ancient fort

And looked for pirates

But found only flowers

We watched the sun set

Photo by gorgeous sister in law

And dreamed of more adventure

My love and I went walking

We never did find any pirates..............

Photos taken in July 2013  at Coco Chocolate where hubby took me for delicious high tea, and at an 1801 Gun Battery in Middle Head where we searched for pirates.  Last photo taken by my gorgeous sister in law of a lake in Zurich.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The naughty ember

Image from

The naughty little ember decided to play a game,
"I'll make the people dance" it claimed.

It flew to the Blue Mountains and gobbled many homes ,
But got bored and wanted others to join the fray.

Image from Nine News

It flew to the Southern Highlands, to the Hunter and the Central Coast
Looking to make more mischief,

It ate more homes and bushland, and closed highways and an airport,
And caused commuters and travellers grief.

Image from The Australian

And made people and animals flee,

It threw black smoke across Sydney's skies,
And buggered up Year 12's HSC.

Image from The Australian
We know you're not finished you wicked little ember,
We know your evil is widespread.

But beware, take care, you horrid little ember.
Our brave lads and lasses, will weather your fire, heat and ashes,
And not rest until you are dead.

Image from The Australian

Image from Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Persian Dream

I dreamt I flew away to a land of mystique and music.
Where wild and miraculous beasts roared, then grew tender under my touch.
I donned sequined slippers and danced with mysterious strangers.

I explored cobbled laneways,
 and discovered hidden doorways.
Until a magic lantern guided me home.


Photos by Debs, taken at Orchid Persian Restaurant, Willoughby, in July 2013. 

* I'm currently on a few days break but will be returning very soon with more photos and stories of adventure and whimsy.