Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ghost story

I stood at the water's edge,
gold coin in hand.

I ask that you take me, I said to The Ferryman.

The water was still,
the air eerie and silent.

After an eternal darkness we landed on The Island.

I leave you here, The Ferryman whispered,
You must enter through the gate.

He pointed a bony finger, Make haste, your Guide awaits.

See here, said The Guide,
Where the men were locked in at night

I wanted to close my ears against their ghostly groans and cries.

I ran into a tunnel like room
There were strange odours and echoes of  machinery.

You're not safe here, it's the gunpowder store, The Ghastly Guide smiled at me grimly.

I fled outside, I needed air,
My senses were overloaded

Please! I shouted to the dark shapes around me, Please tell me! I must know!

The far side of the island, chained to a rock,
Whispered The Guide. That's where he was kept.

I could bear no more, the sadness overwhelmed me.  I sat on the ground and wept.

Leave me, I told The Guide
I need to be alone

I sheltered in the ruins of what once was a happy home.

I'll wait till morning, I thought.  Then I'll leave this place.
Until then I must get some sleep.

I open my eyes,
I'm at the water's edge

The gold coin at my feet............................

Photos taken on Goat Island, September 2013.


  1. That's a nice little boat. I wonder where you went. The old house does seem as though it could be haunted,

  2. It very well could be. We went to Goat Island which is in Sydney Harbour. Convicts were once housed there in terrible conditions. It was also the site of a very early version of the water police. In the 1990's a tv series was filmed there and some rock concerts were held there too.


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