Tuesday, December 24, 2013

End of year musings

Well the end of the year is in sight and it's time for reflections.

We've had a very full last few weeks, with our baby girl finishing her final year in primary school.  Next year she starts another stage of life in high school.

Where have the years gone?

The tears and goodbyes on the final day of school, when friends realised that they would all be heading in different directions for different high schools, is slowly turning into excitement and anticipation at the thought of holidays and new experiences (and those friends realising that even though they won't be in the same school they can still keep in touch).

I too was caught up in the emotion, with the year 6 dance, graduation ceremony and end of year picnic, all in the final week before the holidays.  Watching all those little kids I remember from kindergarten year become the young adolescents they are now - I know I wasn't the only parent looking back with pride and a touch of sadness.

But now it's the final preparations before Christmas.  Then a couple of relaxing weeks before starting back at work.

And preparing for high school....................................

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and can't wait to get blogging again in the new year.

Photo taken in my little kitchen last night.

Friday, December 6, 2013

En voiture!

As we're now well and truly in the festive month I really should be posting a Christmas themed photo.  Trouble is I haven't yet taken any.

So here is a little treat I snapped in September during the French Living Garden Party.

I could easily imagine myself buzzing around Sydney in this cute little number - however one doesn't buzz around Sydney, one really just sits in traffic.  Waiting to move. 

However it would make parking a lot easier.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friendship and french lessons

Back in September Glamorous Neighbour and I went to a French Garden Party. 
The day didn't quite go as we had envisioned but we had a fun time anyway.

We haven't had an opportunity to do anything together since - our hectic lives taking us in different directions.

It led me to pondering.

They're funny things - friendships.

The good ones are like a marriage but without the boring bits.

On the day of the garden party I was recovering from a queer tummy, but was feeling hungry, so GM queued for an hour (yes an HOUR) to get me a crepe - even though she wasn't hungry herself - while I sat in the shade.

Do you know many people who would do that?

Our daily schedules have become so that we don't even study French together anymore.  She prefers her private lessons during the day and I'm enjoying my evening classes at the Alliance Fran├žaise. 

However when we do get to chat it's like no time at all has passed (instead of sometimes weeks) and we just gabble away about all things French and life in general.

I have another friend who I've known since high school.  We see each other only about twice a year even though we only live about 20 minutes apart.  Children, work and life have kept us busy, but again, when we do talk, it will be for hours and feel like that we've only seen each other last week.

The fact that I'm by nature somewhat of a hermit and like my own space, doesn't really do a lot for my social life.  And I keep telling myself that this year I'm going to get out there more and meet more people.  But to be honest, the older I get, the more I just want to do my own thing.

Sometimes I miss the laughing until almost weeing myself in the car with GM on the way to French, or downing cocktails and singing to really bad 80's songs with High School Buddy, but for now I'm glad they're still around and I know they'll be around for a long time to come.

Photo taken at French Garden Party in Hyde Park, September 2013.