Friday, December 6, 2013

En voiture!

As we're now well and truly in the festive month I really should be posting a Christmas themed photo.  Trouble is I haven't yet taken any.

So here is a little treat I snapped in September during the French Living Garden Party.

I could easily imagine myself buzzing around Sydney in this cute little number - however one doesn't buzz around Sydney, one really just sits in traffic.  Waiting to move. 

However it would make parking a lot easier.


  1. We like that special little car! It must have been a fun event.

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  3. Sounds like an interesting event. Cute car but when I see those little cars zipping around I know I couldn't ride in one as I am claustrophobic like in an elevator full of people. The more people and less air there is I could start to panic. The only time I really didn't freak out was when I was on an elevator and the doors opened and 4 paramedics got in. I knew that if I started to panic someone would save me. LOL They were so adorable in those uniforms.

  4. It's funny, because my first thought on seeing this photo was "how festive!" :)

  5. Une voiture qui a peut-être fait le "Tour de France"


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