Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Basking, balmy blogging.

I've been on holidays for the past week and a half and have done nothing.
Delicious nothing.
Eating, sleeping, reading, going for the occasional walk and maybe a bit of shopping thrown in.
That's it.
We've gone nowhere and done nothing.
And it's been heaven.

All this relaxing has made me quite lazy and I've not taken a single photo.
I've been languorous, supine and downright remiss.
Hence an old photo from Christmas Day 2008.
Sister and I looking at the water and pondering what the future would bring.......
In reality we were probably talking about husbands, kids and housewifey things.
But I digress.

Tomorrow is new years eve and time for reflections and resolutions (well for some of us anyway).
Wherever you are and whoever you are with,
I hope you have a fun and happy new year.
May 2015 bring you much much joy :)

I shall be back in the new year with new photos, whimsicals and bad poetry for all ;)

Taken by hubby - Bribie Island, 2008 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

A fun discovery whilst Christmas shopping.

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone.
See you in 2015
Much love to you all.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

A field of flowers

Sydney was never an innocent lass.  Something about starting life as a penal colony blemishes a gal's complexion somewhat.  However there was a carefree element about her.  An energetic bounciness that made you fall in love with her.

She lost her bounce last Monday.

She will get it back - you can't keep a good woman down - though it will take a little time.  She is not the first city to experience loss at the hands of terrorism and sadly she is not the last, as events in Pakistan only a few days later so cruelly demonstrated.

Those who experienced the full horror of Monday and Tuesday, and their families, will have a long road of recovery ahead of them.  The rest of us are starting to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. 

So to bring a little brightness back in , I have been trawling back through my photos of Sydney and will show you some of my favourites.  So you can see the bounce she once had, and will have again. 

And hopefully the world will fall in love with her once more.



Photos from 50's Fair and Vivid Festival taken by my friend Clive.
Photos of Luna Park taken by my niece.

Friday, December 5, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....................

Well at least I think so. 
 I'm sure there are many out there who would disagree with me.
But I love it.
The lights
The carols
The food
The decorations
and of course The Tree!

This year I am way behind in my Christmas organisation
Must pull my socks up
and make some lists.

Spied this happy chap when I arrived at work on Wednesday.
 Only a quick post today, due to tired eyes,
but couldn't let December start without at least one Christmas post.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Manly - December 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014

And the beat goes on.................

This baubley starry erm birthday cake was decorated by my baby girl and her friends for her 13th birthday a few weeks back.

I am now the mother of a teenager.

The girl who used to make my ears ache with her constant chatter now only grunts at me.
She used to beg me to stay with her until the bell rang when I dropped her off at school.
Now she just yells "Bye mum!"as she's walking out the door, and when I race after her to at least get a kiss, she already phoning or texting the friends she will see at the bus stop in the next 60 seconds.

Where did those years go?

This month also marked our 30th year high school reunion.
All those fresh young faces are now middle aged women.

What happened?  I was sure I would stay 16 forever
(though now with a 13 year old in tow I somehow don't think I could get away with that one).

As I move uncomfortably close to the half century I've realised a few things.

1. Looking back is pointless unless it brings a smile to your face.
2. I wouldn't change the wisdom I've gained for the smooth skin of my youth for anything.
3. It is possible to look great at any age - it just takes more work as you get older.
4. I'm ok with it.

Now, I'm off to book botox..................................

Daughter's cake creation - November 2014.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A colourful finale.

In a few short weeks we will be in Summer
when one has only the energy to recline under the air-conditioner and pray for April to come quickly.

So before the heat and weekly bush fires "controlled burning"  suck our will to live,
let us take one last glimpse of a garden in the full blush of Spring.

Where ballerinas dance in delicate white dresses
and trumpet flowers laugh at my attempts to keep the weeds under control.
There are berries fit for the Cuckoo King
and baby bird nurseries.

Where secret paths lead to ancient temples
and trees rain down purple snow.

Where shy lanterns hide behind bright flowers,
waiting for evening when it's their turn to shine.

And blue butterflies frolic about in the breeze.

My garden - November 2014