Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - what to do?

Ring out the old and ring in the new!
2014 is upon us and it's time to cease reflection and put plans into action.

Trouble was - I didn't make any plans.......................

A walk in the garden helps to sort thoughts............

About what to do with the garden.


  1. i am terrible about making plans or setting goals - and i just fret too much for my own good. i need a walk, too. :)

    1. I always say walks are good for the heart and mind ;)

  2. Beautiful photos Debs! :). I purposely haven't made any concrete plans for the new year. (I have such trouble following through). This year, my one word and only resolution is 'balance.'. And to take that one day at a time! Happy New Year to you and your family! xx

  3. Beautiful photos, Debs! I agree that a walk helps sort things out.

    Achievable resolutions take off so much pressure, so I've set a few of those. I doubt my garden will ever look like this one, though.

    Happy new year, all.

  4. Oops, hit wrong button before I was finished. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. Xx

  5. I love the idea of the new year and a fresh start. Lucky you that you can work in your garden during this time! It looks beautiful! Happy New Year.

  6. Your summer and our winter, so nice to see blooms and green grass and if I don't walk I get cranky and my mind foggy, always fun to have a camera along too, you've taken such lovely photos-love the moving shot.

  7. Thank you. I must confess the moving shot was a happy accident ^_^

  8. Lovely to see you walking in your garden...A little reflection, a little we are a bit frozen in this new year time...

  9. Thank you Sketchbook Wandering. I would like a little snow to give us a reprieve from this Summer heat though. Just a little bit mind you.......


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