Saturday, January 11, 2014

A questionable quest

The faithful knight set out on a quest.
A long and arduous quest.
He meandered many meadows,

road rife roads, climbed countless causeways, traipsed tons of tracks and bridged bountiful - um bridges.

He wandered wild woodlands and confronted cunning creatures.

Until at last he found the monk's temple.
(Sorry - I'm all out of alliteration)

Where he rang the religious ringer (ok I had one more left in me).

Photos taken at Nan Tien Buddhist Temple, Wollongong. October 2013.


  1. Great! Following you as A Bit About Britain and this post was perfect after 4 pints of ale. Please take that the right way - it was a good vibe.

  2. Most happy to be of service. :)
    It's been such a hot day today I need 4 pints myself ;)

  3. This is a fun way to take us through your walk to the Temple...

  4. Just for something a little different ^_^

  5. Wonderful photos, and fun tour! And i love love love alliteration! :)

  6. It was certainly fun to write ^-^

  7. Chevaliers et quĂȘte, cela me fait toujours penser au "SacrĂ© Graal" des Monty Python.

  8. TexWisGirl and Linda - thank you so much.
    Alain - I can imagine a Monty Python knight blundering around the grounds looking for the Holy Grail :D

  9. Very nice Debs! Lovely writing, and I was right along side the Knight on his journey. Lovely photos. Gin

  10. Ooops...not JOURNEY...QUEST. Sorry Debs.

  11. Haha. Our knight got rather put out at his quest being called a mere journey. In fact he sobbed and sighed rather significantly ;)
    Thank you very much :)


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