Sunday, January 26, 2014

Last holiday post before normal life resumes

Hubby and I are back in work mode and daughter is getting ready for school to start again next week.

To keep that holiday spirit going just a tad longer here are some pretty buildings I photographed in Berry back in October 2013.

We revisited this lovely town during the Christmas holidays, but strangely I didn't take any photos on my BRAND NEW CAMERA that hubby bought me for Christmas.

However I did take hundreds of snaps of other fun things - now if I could just figure out how to upload them to my laptop.............................


  1. I like that Post and Telegraph office!

  2. It's a wonderful building isn't it?

  3. the first photo looks like it could be in my little town. the last 2 places are really grand!

  4. J'ai été étonné par tes le Berry est aussi une province Française !

  5. TexWisGirl - I couldn't find out what the middle building was originally unfortunately, but Berry is full of grand buildings for such a small town.

    Alain - I bet the Berry in France is even prettier than the one in Australia.


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