Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Summer thoughts on spring showers.

I love how my garden looks, feels and smells after a shower.

It's like our yard has been put through a rinse cycle and there are so many new sniffs to sniff.

And it does wonders for the little surprises nature drops on our door every now and then.

But the best thing I love about them is being inside listening and watching through the window (and I'm not the only one)

It's also the perfect opportunity to consult cook books and dream of my next culinary masterpiece.  And then just dive into a bowl of ice-cream.


  1. Rainy days are nice for staying in. We're in our rainy season now, but haven't gotten much yet this year. Staying in and reading today anyway :)

  2. Beautiful images, Debs.

    It'll be a long, long while before we see conditions like that in our part of the world...

  3. I love your flowered arched arbour (?), & gorgeous little dog.. I have noted SD, N L and the little Paris Kitchen they look interesting all of them. It is a cold rainy stay in day here today yet our buds are starting must be due to our mild winter.

  4. A great series of photos - as usual! Evocative.

  5. Melissa: a day reading is a day well spent :)

    William Kendall: Thank you. I hope things warm up for you soon. Me - I'm waiting for them to cool down!

    Lynn: the arbour has had a much needed hair cut since then, ready for next Spring. I have probably close to 100 cook books now, but NL and SD will always be my favourites. Little Paris Kitchen is a recent addition and I'm really enjoying it too. I'm starting to notice seasonal changes here too with trees starting to turn red and Autumn buds coming out.

    Mike Biles: Thank you so much! Your comment made a lovely start to my day :)

  6. Les fraises, cela fait envie...


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