Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coffee anyone?

I have 3 days a week that are very sacred to me.
Working 4 days a week at a normal job leaves me less time to keep house and attend to domestic business. So my day off has become one of my sacred days.  A catch up day to do laundry, clean house etc.  If I use this day for the housewifey stuff, then I'm left with weekends free for fun stuff.
Makes sense?
Trouble is, friends keep trying to get me to take time out and do something else on that day which irks me.
Because there is no other time during the week I can allocate for those jobs, and by the weekend I end up with dog hair everywhere, and a daughter screaming for school uniforms, and I end up spending my other two sacred days doing the domestic chores.
Then I am irritated with the well meaning friend who just wanted to spend time with me.

Where am I going with this?

Well the above passage is just an incredibly long segue into my 3rd resolution - I mean change - for 2014.
Spend a bit more time on friendships.
I'm still keeping my house-clean-and-catch-up Tuesdays - but I'm going to have friends around on weekends more than I have been in the past.  Dinner parties once a month perhaps?  Or catch up with a friend over coffee once a fortnight?

I've been reaping the benefits of making more time for my loved ones and that will continue, and I still treasure my time alone, but friendships need nurturing too.

And possibly my social skills need a wee bit of tweaking..........................

Drawings done by me goodness knows how many years ago.  Copied from one of my favourite artists on Note Couture.  


  1. And your man, He have day to do laundry, clean house etc ?

  2. Mais non! Perish the thought Alain ;)

  3. love your drawings and sometimes I have felt this way-your solution sounds perfect-I think houses and their needs demand too much from us, they never chip into help tho they do just find holding on to dust, dog cat hair, coffee splashes etc. laundry too is a pain...I'm in the retired phase and am happy I let housework slip to a certain point but never friends and family..

  4. Hello Debs,

    Now, what you need is a goodly person who will, as our mothers used to say, "come and do". Do not be under the misapprehension that they will clean/iron/cook better than you for they will not but they will free you up to lounge on the sofa, chat to friends, read a book etc.etc. at any point in the day and what fun that will be! You deserve it!

    We have no idea where such a household wonder will come from in Australia but in England one can always turn to the classified advertisements of The Lady for such assistance.

    Permanently clean and pressed school uniforms will be de rigeur, short refreshing naps in the afternoon will be commonplace, morning coffee/afternoon tea/cocktails with friends will be regular events and you, dear Debs, will be rejuvenated. Indeed, you will not even know yourself. We are the original Lazy Tarts so we know!

    Your drawings, by the way, are simply delightful. They conjure up such a great sense of place in every tiny detail. They are fun and beautiful.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our blog for through this we have now found you. We shall follow.....

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and lovely to have found yours!
    This post could have been written by me! I too work 4 days a week and my Friday is my 'house' day ... often interrupted by other things. It is so hard to find the balance isn't it ...

  6. I generally can keep things tidy with whatever amount of time in a given day I have. It's laundry that tends to be a time drain, since I don't have the machines on the premises.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. It is quite a balancing act. I used to let domestic stuff slip in favour of spending time with my daughter when she was small. I was at home more and could always find time to catch up later. Now it's different and I've had to adjust.
    Having someone come in to 'come and do' is a terrific idea and I'm shocked I didn't think of it sooner.
    Knowing some of you out there are facing the same challenges is quite comforting too.

  8. Hello,

    Your drawing is fun. I keep meaning to start drawing sketches for my blog but am often uninspired and too lazy.

    Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. I have always been fascinated by Australia, especially Bulcock Beach in Queensland, since I share the name.

    I hope you have a great weekend.


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