Friday, April 11, 2014

The juggler

It matters not the job you've got
as long as you do it well,
Things are made by plans well laid
the test of time will tell.
But how can you count or know the amount
of a value of a man
by the show displayed or the beauty made
by the touch of a juggler's hand.............

Poem from here
(If anyone knows who this clever poet is, please let me know so I can put his/her name at 
the end.)
Photo taken in Kiama, January 2014.


  1. Nice shot, and good timing. I was watching a juggler at practice just yesterday.

  2. Complete flook. Was playing with new camera ^_~

  3. I love watching jugglers and it is a great catch, flook or not :-), I can't manage juggling two oranges. Poet, can't help...

  4. Great capture and meaningful words. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Even with a fairly decent camera, I can't take action shots like that! Lovely poem.


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