Saturday, May 31, 2014

Markets and memories at Dalwood

Thank you to everyone for your warm birthday wishes.  You've made my day just that more special :)

This is a place that I frequent about 4 times a year.
I love markets.
And it's an added bonus if they are held in a beautiful place.
An historical place.
I remember Dalwood Homes from my youth, having had a couple of friends live there in the 80's when it was still a children's home.

Now it is a centre that offers valuable support for families and children, in fact the staff were incredibly kind and helpful when my own darling daughter was a new born and I was struggling with all the changes in my life.

But now I visit because they hold the BEST jumble sales in the Southern Hemisphere.
(And that view is just fabulous)

Dalwood Homes, Seaforth - Feb 2014


  1. Yes. Thank goodness it's heritage listed otherwise developers would have apartments there in 5 seconds.


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