Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paradise between the pages

The ancient archives awaited
Waited for centuries to hear my timid footsteps on the stone floor.
Finally I was here

I peered through the window and saw a fantastic world of opportunity and adventure
Of science fiction and fantasy
of romance and intrigue
mystery and danger

I pushed through the doors and entered heaven

I found myself in a world of stories, a world of knowledge,
a world of books

I'm not sure when I'll return home so don't wait up................

State Library of NSW, Sydney - February 2014


  1. Nice. The thing about libraries is all that human endeavour and knowledge in one place; quite awesome sometimes. But they don't do beer, which can be a drawback. Many (belated) happy returns, by the way!

    1. Thanks Mike. I don't think beer in libraries would work - cocktails however would be another story.......

  2. Wow... what an incredible library that is!

  3. It certainly is William. I wish I could go there more often :)


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