Friday, July 25, 2014

Creatures of sand and snow

Slosh the Sand Creature was lonely.

So he asked his creator to make him a friend.

"Someone like me, but a little bit different please", he said.

So the little girl traveled far and wide in search of a suitable friend for her beloved Slosh.

And finally found the Snow Creature, Olaf.

"Slosh" was first created and named by my daughter when she was 2, and is such a fond memory that we often create another "Slosh" when at the beach.

First two photos taken at Coolum Beach, Queensland - May 2014
Snowman photo taken at Mount Buller, Victoria - July 2014


  1. Of course, Olaf and Slosh are doomed to never meet...

  2. Hmm. Cute - but is this allegorical? Are we going to hear chapter 2, in which the two can never come together because they're so different? But then they mix to become mortar and build something that lasts?

  3. William: one never knows, with imagination I'm sure they would find a way.

    Mike: of course! You read my mind :)

  4. Oh! Very well done on Olaf! And I really like the sand creature too!


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