Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Melbourne trip part 1

Too many photos to put in one post.
And too many things to talk about.

So I'll be brief.

After our stop in Ballarat we spent a few days in Melbourne
with a small side trip to the snow
but more on that later.

I haven't been to Melbourne since about 1976 and was very excited to be there again.
We spent the first day exploring and getting our Melbourne legs.
And shopped.
A lot.

Next day met up with family and took in the Dreamworks exhibition.
And shopped.
And ate.
A lot.

Day 3 sister, daughter, niece and I went to the snow.
Where we played.
And shopped.
And ate.
A lot.

Day 4 consisted of eating, more exploring and finding an old friend.

Here are some touristy shots from the first couple of days.
When we walked and walked, crossed bridges, climbed aboard a very squashy tourist tram, lunched at Young and Jackson - just downstairs from where Chloe lives, and I got to say "meet you under the clocks"


Getting around was easy.
We were spoilt for choice when it came to transport.


We explored laneways and arcades.
And um shopped
a bit.....
And ate
a bit more...........

We explored again at night.
Looking at all the places with their party lights on.
And even the street art put on a show.
So much happening and so much to see.
We felt quite comfortable and safe walking around at night.  Something that doesn't happen in Sydney.

Melbourne, Victoria - July 2014


  1. Wow! It is a beautiful city! That domed building in particular appeals to me.

  2. Bonjour,

    Merci pour le partage de ces magnifiques photos... Ce fut un réel plaisir.

    Gros bisous ♡

  3. So - let's get this straight: you ate; and shopped; shopped; then arte some more; walked a bit; ateandshopped. But not necessarily in that order. It looks a really great city: indeed, one you could do a little eating and shopping and walking in... Lovely post!

  4. Je n'imaginais pas Melbourne ainsi. Un petit air de Bruxelles, de Londres ou d'Amsterdam.

  5. William: That is Flinders Street Station. Very beautiful and a well known meeting spot for Melburians. People have been meeting under the clocks at Flinder's Street for generations.

    Martinealison: Je vous en pris :)

    Mike: Thank you. Yes that pretty much sums up our trip. Had to do all that walking to compensate for all the eating.

    Alain: Oui, c'est belle. Peut-être c'est pourquoi je l'aime :)


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