Friday, September 26, 2014

Melbourne trip part 2

As the days get a little longer and a tiny bit warmer (but no less wet)
and my thoughts turn to Spring,
it has been nice looking back on my Winter holiday with my loved ones,
revisiting old places
and exploring new ones.

Below are the shots from the final day in Melbourne.

My sister and I found an old friend.

Someone we hadn't seen since we were much smaller.

I seem to remember that we didn't have as much trouble climbing him way back then.
Our limbs may be longer, but they're much stiffer.

Then it was time for a tram ride to St Kilda.

We found a communal garden, 
Wandered past the Palais Theatre and Luna Park.
I was on a mission.

Daughter forgot her jacket,
She borrowed mine,
I borrowed hubby's, 
Hubby was frozen.
I used that as an excuse to buy myself a new jacket.

Makes perfect sense.

I needed it too because after that we walked down to the beach.

Back to Acland Street for hot chocolate.
And a choice of music.

 I would like to come back on a sunny day and play at Luna Park.

 But I might give this a miss.

More night time exploring.
One last look at China Town.
And I discovered a religion I would like to follow.

Melbourne - July 2014

Hope you enjoyed my final Melbourne post . We are returning from our little trip to South Australia tonight, and soon I shall take you on a tour of Adelaide.  But after I get some sleep and upload the photos. 


  1. These are wonderful, now I know what my girlfriend sees on a regular basis :-) gorgeous shots!

  2. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for the tour! Yes, that was a perfect reason for buying yourself a new jacket. :) You are so smart!

  4. Even though I don't like coffee, I broke out laughing at Church Of Secular Coffee.

    The skies look suitably brooding at that dock, and the first sculpture is something to behold!

  5. Alain: Je suis très nostalgique :D

    Lynn: Melbourne is so beautiful. She is lucky to live there.

    Manu: Thank you and you're welcome.

    Carol: Haha thank you. It made perfect sense to me and I'm glad you agree. Hubby didn't though ;-)

    William: I'm thinking of starting a Sydney chapter of that church. We were so happy to find that sculpture. We spent many hours flying to the moon on it as children, with our mum sitting on the grass surrounded by grocery bags waiting for us to return. :-)

  6. Great pictures. You are heading for Spring, we are heading for Winter, boohoo! lol.

  7. Love that second shot, especially. :-)


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