Sunday, September 21, 2014


Time to take a little break from Melbourne town.
Don't worry - we will be going back soon.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I took my daughter, sister and niece on a little side trip to Mt Buller for some fun in the snow.
Hubby and father elected to stay in Melb - muttering something about record shops, haircuts, having a beer and needing some alone time.
Goodness knows why...........
Poor step-mum had to work.
Never mind.

It was the first time my sister and niece had seen snow (doesn't seem to be any in Queensland where they live), and they were very excited.
Daughter and I were old hands - at snow play and tobogganing that is, never seemed to get around learning to ski..........

We hit the toboggan slope

And I remembered I was reallllllly bad at tobogganing.

After that, hot chocolate was the order of the day.
Sister wanted to explore the village and shop.
It was nice to get into the warmth after I had filled my snow pants.
With snow.
Just though I'd better clarify that.

We built a snowman (Olaf style)
and I discovered my camera has a snow mode!!!!
Artistic shots of nature and snow for everyone!

Daughter got cheeky.

And we discovered the artistic ability of other snow punters.

 A very full day and we were all very tired.
But at least we got some sleep on the 4 hour bus ride back to Melbourne.

Mt Buller, Victoria - July 2014

Addit: Tomorrow we leave for another short family trip.  But don't worry my friends, I have scheduled posts to amuse you while I'm away.


  1. Totally different from what I expect when I think of Australia, but it looks like you had fun!

  2. Yes one usually thinks of hot climates and deserts or tropics with Australia. :)

  3. Il y a de la neige en Australie ! J'en apprends des choses en lisant ton blog.

  4. Oui il y a neige en Australie, mais pas à Noël malheureusement :D
    I'm glad to be of assistance :)

  5. Lovely pictures of snow! Tonight is the start of autumn here, so we’ll have to wait some more for snow. Georgians are not used to snow and when we have some Atlanta cannot handle it. I heard we should have a colder winter than usual this year. I love your snow … person? Animal? Cute anyway.

  6. Thank you. We tried to make Olaf from the movie Frozen because we had two young teenage girls who were big Frozen fans. I think we got a fair likeness.
    It's just started Spring weather in Australia now after a very very cold and wet Winter.


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