Friday, October 31, 2014

A jolly holiday by the sea.

Victor Harbour - 1 hours drive from Adelaide and a lovely place to spend and old fashioned Day By The Sea.

Many small treasures wait to be discovered, 
Wildlife aplenty,
And relics from the past.

Fish and chips by the water,
Then its off over the bridge to Granite Island.

Bit of rock climbing....

Though the view was worth it.

And I found a place to sit while those with younger and fitter legs climbed some more.

Such beautiful colours,
and daughter took the Photo Of The Day.

With extremely tired legs by now, I thought it would be a nice idea to catch the old horse drawn tram back.

We missed it.
And followed it back.
Horse thought it was funny.
But then we were friends again.

Victor Harbour & Granite Island, South Australia - September 2014


  1. Gorgeous shots! The horse looks quite curious about you.

  2. Gorgeous shots! The horse looks quite curious about you.

  3. thank you for sharing all of these amazing photos with us!!
    I love the horse....always a favorite!!

  4. Thank you. The horse was such a beautiful and gentle creature and wasn't at all bothered with all the photos I took of him .


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