Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anniversary year

Head down, walking briskly,
Thoughts on the tasks ahead and muttering about my sore knee.

Then I stopped and looked up.

In front of me was the Manly Cenotaph.

Names of those who fell,
From the Boer War to Afghanistan, cover all sides of the monument.
People who once lived in this area who went away to fight
and didn't come home.
So many names.

I stopped muttering about my knee.

Manly - August 2014.


  1. There's a poignancy to such cenotaphs. I find no matter how many times I've passed one, I always stop to take a look. This one's impressive.

    1. It was a good reminder to me about what's important.

  2. Fair point. But I hope the knee gets better anyway.

    1. Sadly no. Still getting physio on it. But thank you for your kind wishes :-)

  3. I did not know this name – cenotaph. I read up on it – I guess it would be like our “monument aux morts” (monuments to the deads.)

    Knee pains can be very painful. I have arthritis in both knees after I had injuries on them – I hope that this is not what you have and yours will get better.

    1. Thank you Vagabonde, is have leant a new phrase too :-)

      I don't have arthritis (yet). It's an old injury from when I was a budding dancer many years ago. It flares up from time to time.


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