Sunday, November 30, 2014

And the beat goes on.................

This baubley starry erm birthday cake was decorated by my baby girl and her friends for her 13th birthday a few weeks back.

I am now the mother of a teenager.

The girl who used to make my ears ache with her constant chatter now only grunts at me.
She used to beg me to stay with her until the bell rang when I dropped her off at school.
Now she just yells "Bye mum!"as she's walking out the door, and when I race after her to at least get a kiss, she already phoning or texting the friends she will see at the bus stop in the next 60 seconds.

Where did those years go?

This month also marked our 30th year high school reunion.
All those fresh young faces are now middle aged women.

What happened?  I was sure I would stay 16 forever
(though now with a 13 year old in tow I somehow don't think I could get away with that one).

As I move uncomfortably close to the half century I've realised a few things.

1. Looking back is pointless unless it brings a smile to your face.
2. I wouldn't change the wisdom I've gained for the smooth skin of my youth for anything.
3. It is possible to look great at any age - it just takes more work as you get older.
4. I'm ok with it.

Now, I'm off to book botox..................................

Daughter's cake creation - November 2014.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A colourful finale.

In a few short weeks we will be in Summer
when one has only the energy to recline under the air-conditioner and pray for April to come quickly.

So before the heat and weekly bush fires "controlled burning"  suck our will to live,
let us take one last glimpse of a garden in the full blush of Spring.

Where ballerinas dance in delicate white dresses
and trumpet flowers laugh at my attempts to keep the weeds under control.
There are berries fit for the Cuckoo King
and baby bird nurseries.

Where secret paths lead to ancient temples
and trees rain down purple snow.

Where shy lanterns hide behind bright flowers,
waiting for evening when it's their turn to shine.

And blue butterflies frolic about in the breeze.

My garden - November 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clothing the people: Edwardian & wartime fashion exhibition.

Recently(ish) I went back out to Old Government House to look at another clothing collection.

The sun was shining and I discovered a vintage market just outside.

The Gods were smiling on me.

However it was what was inside that I really wanted to see.  I stepped through the door and went back in time 100 years and got a glimpse of what people wore around the time of World War I.

Tea gowns, dinner gowns, day dresses.  I was in gown heaven.

The gents weren't forgotten.

And I caught a peek of what lay beneath......

Of course these were what the upper classes would have worn, and even though I had daydreams of what it would have been like floating around in one of the above garments, in reality I probably would have been a scullery maid.

However things changed when war broke out and I may have donned a uniform like this.

Much different and a lot less comfortable than what we wore when I trained in the 1990's.  Seeing this made me rather melancholy.

And then I entered the next room......

I wondered what happened to the men who wore these uniforms.
Did they come home?
I hope so.

I needed to lighten the mood.
And found shoes.
That's the ticket!

Then I discovered hats.

And purses!

And sweet, but oddly disturbing photos...........................

Old Government House. Parramatta - October 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spring-time white (with a touch of pink).

We arrived home from the beautiful sights of South Australia to find that Spring had finally arrived in Sydney.

My delight was boundless.

My garden - September 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Glenelg, a tanty and time out.

Another gorgeous seaside town in South Australia.
Slosh made another appearance.

Unfortunately the sight seeing pace got the better of me and I got the sulks.
I put myself in time out.
In hindsight, I should have put myself in the naughty girl chair for my behaviour,
but thankfully hubby and daughter forgave me.

I decided to have a day to myself and see the sights of Adelaide I rushed through the day before.
The others needed a break from me too.

I found some fun surprises.

The best sweet shop I've ever seen.

Empty arcades (well it was early in the day)

Glorious old buildings, and I discovered the best antique bookshop I've seen in years.
The owner kindly directed me to his other bookshop about 20 minutes walk away, that also housed a magnificent vintage clothes collection.
Many hours were spent there.

I discovered some birds that couldn't read (you will need to enlarge the photo a little),
and then caught the bus back to the hotel.
Much recovered.
I was becoming quite the local by now........

Glenelg and Adelaide, South Australia: September 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quick picture post

Due to an annoying and persistent case of sinusitis and misbehaving WiFi, I haven't written any witty or whimsical or informative narrative. Or even boring narrative.

Instead I'll show you some random snaps of a lovely morning spent exploring the city of Adelaide, before the WiFi drops out or my head explodes.

Whichever happens first.

Does anyone have a Kleenex?

Adelaide, South Australia - September 2014