Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clothing the people: Edwardian & wartime fashion exhibition.

Recently(ish) I went back out to Old Government House to look at another clothing collection.

The sun was shining and I discovered a vintage market just outside.

The Gods were smiling on me.

However it was what was inside that I really wanted to see.  I stepped through the door and went back in time 100 years and got a glimpse of what people wore around the time of World War I.

Tea gowns, dinner gowns, day dresses.  I was in gown heaven.

The gents weren't forgotten.

And I caught a peek of what lay beneath......

Of course these were what the upper classes would have worn, and even though I had daydreams of what it would have been like floating around in one of the above garments, in reality I probably would have been a scullery maid.

However things changed when war broke out and I may have donned a uniform like this.

Much different and a lot less comfortable than what we wore when I trained in the 1990's.  Seeing this made me rather melancholy.

And then I entered the next room......

I wondered what happened to the men who wore these uniforms.
Did they come home?
I hope so.

I needed to lighten the mood.
And found shoes.
That's the ticket!

Then I discovered hats.

And purses!

And sweet, but oddly disturbing photos...........................

Old Government House. Parramatta - October 2014


  1. Out of the proverbial mists of time, these clothes! Terrific shots!

  2. Thank you. The clothes are fantastic. And I had a lovely conversation with the curator and even had a little personal tour of the house!

  3. That's quite a collection. It is always thought-provoking, wondering about the people who wore or owned things we gawp at in museums. And you're right about that last photo - definitely disturbing now, but a sign of those times.

  4. That is the sort of exhibition that it would very nearly take a team of wild horses to drag me away from. What a beautiful, well represented cross section of Edwardian fashions, accessories and history. There are so many elements at play in those garments (et al) that feel equal part old school and surprisingly contemporary (or at last like they'd be at home still in today's world). Thank you for taking us along on this wonderfully fun vintage filled outing.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. you're most welcome my dear :)


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