Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Universitas Sidneiensis

Ah Academia!  To walk these hallowed halls of learning, acquire knowledge from omniscient scholars Gaudeamus Igitur and all that!  

What one wouldn't give to relive the days of hi-jinks, japes and  jollys with esoteric pals.
To use loquacious, bombastic and grandiloquent words like loquacious, bombastic and grandiloquent, and to have strong arms and back from carrying around one's thesaurus all day.

To don the ceremonial gown and natty cap and graduate cum laude, cum hither or cum quat.

Makes one want to go through it all again.


University of Sydney - November 2014

Sunday, January 4, 2015


BANG! There goes another one,
Screaming as it goes.
It's getting high,
Up in the sky,
And fizzle - there she blows!

WHOOSH! Up high above the house,
Behind a trail of sparks.
Yellow, orange,
Red and white,
Exploding in the dark!

My first ever try at using the fireworks setting on my camera,
and finally understanding the values of a tripod.

New years eve 2014 - Manly