Sunday, January 4, 2015


BANG! There goes another one,
Screaming as it goes.
It's getting high,
Up in the sky,
And fizzle - there she blows!

WHOOSH! Up high above the house,
Behind a trail of sparks.
Yellow, orange,
Red and white,
Exploding in the dark!

My first ever try at using the fireworks setting on my camera,
and finally understanding the values of a tripod.

New years eve 2014 - Manly


  1. On a cold, dark, rainy day here, these look wonderful.

  2. Great fireworks photos! I've tried photographing them too and its very tricky.

  3. Lovely photos! (nice job with the tripod!) Happy New Year.

  4. I always look forward to the first fireworks of the New Year from Sydney on our television here in US. Your photos are magic! Lovely. Happy New Year Deb.

  5. Super shots Deb, the Sydney New Year fireworks are such a treat, I love when they cascade over my favourite bridge!

  6. Thank you everyone. Yes it's much trickier than I thought to photograph fireworks, though I'm pleased with my first attempt. The great thing about photography is it easy to learn by your mistakes ;)
    And I do admit that I think that the Sydney fireworks are the best too (though I may be a tad biased)

  7. Congratulations - these are great images. I slept through the NYE celebrations! Warm regards

  8. Splendid job with these photos. I would not have guessed it was your first time snapping fireworks, had you not said so.

    Our town as a small New Year's Eve fireworks show, too, but I never seem to be well enough on the health front to attend. I had high hopes for this latest one, but alas, no dice. Oh well, there's always next year!

    I hope that 2015 is already off to a sparklingly fantastic start for you and that each day will bring positive health, happiness, and many reasons to smile your way!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Great photos! Thankfully we don't get any here over the holidays as the cat hates the noise.


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