Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rainy day.

Where shall we go today?

Shall we sneak upstairs and explore the attic?

Follow the bouncing lights?

Find a secluded corner and whisper secrets?

Or shall we venture outside?

Perhaps take a spin in the Time Machine?

Lunch at the Tudor Court anyone?

Royal Automobile Club of Australia, Sydney - Jan 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A lovely day for motoring.

Seeing these fabulous outfits and sparkling automobiles makes a gal want to bang a cloche on her head, leap into her Hispano-Suiza and head for the seaside.
Or countryside.
Depending on the whims and weather.
With a delicious man (aka hubby) by her side and faithful companion (aka daughter) in the back with picnic basket and thermos of tea, and a trunk full of champagne, life could not be better.

My regular guests may have spied this gown in an earlier post.

Phryne fantasy finished.  Time to get back to that ironing.........