Thursday, April 9, 2015

A lovely day for motoring.

Seeing these fabulous outfits and sparkling automobiles makes a gal want to bang a cloche on her head, leap into her Hispano-Suiza and head for the seaside.
Or countryside.
Depending on the whims and weather.
With a delicious man (aka hubby) by her side and faithful companion (aka daughter) in the back with picnic basket and thermos of tea, and a trunk full of champagne, life could not be better.

My regular guests may have spied this gown in an earlier post.

Phryne fantasy finished.  Time to get back to that ironing.........


  1. Oh my word, these are early 20th century fashions are marvelous. The cream walking suit draped with a fur stole caught my eye in particular. I think I would have lingered there at a show of this nature until they threatened to call security on me. :D

    Thank you for sharing this fun outing with us. I adored seeing it!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You're welcome. I think I lingered a bit too long at this exhibition considering the look of irritated boredom on hubby's face. ;)

  3. I can picture you in the lovely apricot/blushy-pinky number 3rd down, dear Debs ! I'll bet the ironing went a lot faster while you had that lovely daydream.

  4. Thrift shop? Museum? Whichever, it would be a nice respite away from a real world.

  5. TexWisGirl: You said it! :)

    Shell Sherree: I can absolutely see myself in that ensemble too. I wonder if they would notice it missing???

    Birdman: Especially since in the real world it was bucketing down outside at the time.

  6. Oh Miss Fisher! I adore her and that show. I've only seen through season 2 though. Waiting (sort of) patiently for season 3 to show up here in the States! :)

  7. Mary I am pleased to announce that series 3 starts in Australia on May 8th, so you should get it not long after. :)


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