Thursday, June 18, 2015

Randoms snaps + busted camera = unhappy snapper

Five days out from going away on  holidays and I discover my camera has gone on strike for no apparent reason.  And of course the warranty ran out a few months ago.  Fabulous!
At least I have my faithful phone as backup.
However that means that all the lovely pics I took and was going to share in the next few posts are gone to the great photoshop in the sky (knew I should have transferred them straight away dammit).

So here are a few I had left on my phone to sum up Autumn and bring us all into a Southern Winter (even though hopefully the next few posts will be about a Northern Summer..............)

Exploring renovated rooms, happy herb gardens, windblown seagulls, solemn services, snuggly puppy and leaking car.

And that's Autumn in a nutshell folks. :)

When this post "goes to air" I will be in sunny (hopefully) Zurich taking photos on my phone.........

Addit: It's been a bit rainy in Zurich after our first day but weather is due to clear tomorrow - and hubby bought me a new camera.


  1. Sympa, tes photo. Elles sortent de l'ordinaire ce qui leur donne un petit air artistique à travailler. Ton regard décalé reste intéressant pour la suite. Bien sûr, le matériel photo compte, mais pas autant que le regard porté sur les choses de la vie.
    Je t'encourage à persister, soit avec ton portable soit avec l'appareil photo acheté par ton gentil mari.
    Bonnes vacances.


  2. It's rotten when a camera goes haywire. I had one that just decided one day it wouldn't focus. I've never really managed to replace it with one I like.

  3. The pup's cute. Your camera must have a memory card- pick up a card reader; they're inexpensive, and you can transfer them to computer that way.


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