Thursday, June 25, 2015

Recovered photos and a sore paw

Hubby came to the rescue and recovered my disappearing depictions, however the camera is still buggered like a........ well never mind - back to blogging.

February - fine weather - and we went walking.
I took my now defunct camera with me (sorry, I know - let it go let it goooooooo)

I took snaps of buildings in the distance that I knew nothing about but made great photos

 And did my best to get the crane on the left and the weird sticky outy metal rod thingy on the right out of my picture but failed.

Then I got caught in a whirling dervish of suitcases (luggagenado?).

And heard shrieks of delight from the general direction of hubby.
Wonder why?

And lastly - just to prove that medical dressings can be fashionable......................

Rock n' Roll markets at Sydney Uni and less than impressed puppy - Feb 2015

As you read this I will be in London missing the museum mode on my camera. trying out the settings on my new camera.


  1. Interesting towers. They look sort of churchy.... I assume the suitcases are a sculpture of some kind. It looks impressive.

  2. Poor puppy!

    I like those towers, and I'm assuming they're for a church.

  3. Loved the shots - and the cars. Look forward to hearing about London (ours, or someone else's?)!

  4. History Anorak: I think you may be right about the towers.
    William: Don't worry puppy was already on all 4 paws again by the time we left :)
    Mike: Yes at the moment I'm in your neck of the woods however my photos are nowhere near as interesting as yours. However there will be London posts coming up in the future. :)


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