Thursday, July 2, 2015

A visual and aural delight

Following on from my earlier post with pictures taken from the inside of St Mary's Cathedral, here are the photos I took from the outside.

I spent a peaceful few hours wandering in and around this beautiful gothic revival cathedral in March, chatting to lovely people, exploring the crypt and listening to heavenly singing as rehearsals for the Easter mass were underway.

Construction of the original church began in 1821, with a modification done in 1851.  Then in 1865 the church was destroyed by fire.  Only a small section of one of the original walls remains, which you can see in the above photo.

Work on the current cathedral began in 1868, and slowly, over the years and with various architects the building took shape - section by section, until finally in 2000 the spires were completed.

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney - March 2015

As you read this I will be visiting some more churches - but this time in Florence :)


  1. Lovely! I'm interested in the stone color, which is maybe a regional color? Very pretty!

  2. What a beautiful cathedral!


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