Saturday, August 29, 2015

Legends of Our Lady

Come, let us go to a heavenly place
A place ancient, hallowed and wise

Where one can hear the whispered stories of times long past

And marvel at miracles divine.

Where one can witness the colour of foliage and fashion
and perhaps hear a Gothic Romance,

Listen to the wisdom of the beasts of stone

And watch the saintly trio dance.

Let us talk of Kings, Queens and Emperors
Of revolution, hunchbacks and a gypsy girl's charm

Come, let us sit on the banks of the River Seine

 and hear the bells of Notre Dame.

For Di xxxx

Notre Dame de Paris - Paris, June 2015

First 3 photos taken by hubby, flower shots by daughter, naff poem by Debs.


  1. It is a magnificent cathedral. I'd love to visit for myself someday.

  2. Ah ! Paris !!! En plus de toute l'histoire véhiculée à travers les siècles.
    On top, all the story remind through all the siècles.

    In Europe, they are so many beautiful cathedrals, churches, build al over.

  3. A beautiful cathedral and a beautiful day :)

  4. A beautiful cathedral and a beautiful day :)


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