Sunday, August 9, 2015

Swindled at the Sacred Heart

Sacré Cœur
Gleaming sparkling jewel on the hill!
The whiteness bedazzled my eyes,
and a plea from the "deaf" was heeded.

But upon reflection, and to our distraction,
not only were the "deaf" not deaf

but out the back a good scrub was needed.

Ah well - at least one can always get a portrait done.
(and a valuable lesson was learned)

Sacré Cœur, Paris - June 2015


  1. It's a lovely place though isn't it? It just seems a shame that people take advantage of others.

    1. Yes it did put a dampener on the occasion so we left without seeing the inside.

  2. All is not what it seems...but at least you've had the experience of going there, which must have been amazing. And if not, you can say, in an off-hand way at dinner parties, "Sacre Coeur? Pah! You know, it's been grubby and full of crooks whenever we've visited..."

  3. Air pollution does a number on buildings like this.


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