Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Zippy in Zurich

When one spends a Summer day in Zurich shopping and sight seeing, it is always a good idea to pause every now and then and pose fabulously for photos (wistful look optional, though unfortunately in this heat a 'glow' was mandatory) and give one's daughter a hug.

Apologies for the uninspiring prose, I am actually ahead in my blogging and even though this post will appear long after we have returned,
as I write this, it is the second last day of our holiday before we fly home and my brain is suffering from travel induced fog.


  1. I've never been to Zurich. It looks wonderful. (Wistful look included!)

  2. It is indeed difficult not to look wistful when I think of Zurich. I highly recommend a visit.

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  4. What beautiful views!

    Looks like a spammer got creative.

    1. Yes but he needs to check his grammar.

  5. The old city of Zurich is interesting. Did you see the Chagal glass windows inside the church ??? There are nice museums.
    Did you visit the * poch *, expensive street, the Banhofstrasse ? Long ago, it has been the reference for windows dressing to decorators. Now, no more ! To few have good ideas. No more money ? That's not an excuse.

    In Lausanne, we have as well, a beautiful cathedral. next time... I will take you by hand.


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