Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marcher dans le Marais

Everything we went to was closed.
Then an incredibly elegantly dressed lady pointed us to Le Marais.

Everything was open!

Shops were browsed, clothes were bought, fingerprints were again wiped off camera lenses, daughter haggled like a pro and we ate possibly the yummiest food in Paris at Hanna's place.

More walking took us past an intriguing tower (that I didn't get a chance to explore properly - boo)
And we had a Harry Potter moment.

A perfect afternoon.

The Marais district, Paris - June 2015


  1. What an incredible visit. Thank you for taking us with you.

  2. What an incredible visit. Thank you for taking us with you. We would otherwise never have enjoyed this day.

  3. Ah, Mr. Flamel!

    The tower really intrigues me.

  4. Now that Tower looks tall ...

    All the best Jan


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