Saturday, February 6, 2016

A walk in the park

Nothing like a wander in a beautiful park post coffee.
Daughter was very excited to spy this little guy (though I've since learned that they're not native to England).

She spent a LOT of time taking photos and the squirrel actually seemed to enjoy posing, until a pigeon tried to gatecrash. 

It was a bountiful day.
Mothers were out in force with their multiple offspring.

And the flowers had their full makeup on.

I was still getting used to my new camera, and took lots of photos of giant timekeepers, pretty lamps, and crowns on sticks.
(Well - one doesn't see crowns on sticks in Sydney)

I think I like London.


  1. Hi Debs, it's winter here in Michigan so seeing all your lovely photos really gives me a bit of a lift! And a thank you for your visit to Marmelade Gypsy and your lovely comments. It's always fun to see you!

    (That sky is so blue! sigh...)

    1. Thank you. I'm sure the sky is not so blue in London at the moment though, but it is in Sydney now.

  2. Beautiful shots of the park... with lots of bird life around.

    Yes, squirrels are cute, but they're also devious little rascals!

    1. We'd never seen squirrel before so it was quite an event for us. Though I had heard about their darker side :)

  3. I love England, and Foxgloves are my favorite flowers. I guess because I remember them in illustrations in child Craft books. They make me think of Fairies.
    Squirrels are cute but can become a horror. Red ones are the worst. yvonne

    1. I love Foxgloves too but they always make me think of cardiac drugs :)

  4. I loved it all. Thanks for bringing us along.

  5. I love swans. When I moved to the shore I thought I would buy one. They had a pair of black swans for sale. I had my first sighting of a wild swan in Ireland and England. Couldn't get over they were everywhere. yvonne


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