Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A rest between stops

What better way to rest from two weeks in two of the biggest, most beautiful and bustling cities in the world?

Why ascend a small mountain of course.

Ok, we didn't actually climb it ourselves.
We had a bit of help with a cable car.

Lunch at the top with a fabulous view.

We decided to walk down under our own steam,
even though we were told by about five people that we couldn't go in THOSE SHOES!!

But the path was in good condition (like everything in Switzerland).

And there were plenty of rest stops.

And within 30 minutes we made in one piece - still sporting our cute natty sandals.
We looked for our unbelievers but they had disappeared.

Next, a drive to a calm lake for ice cream and a dip of the toes in the water.

There were plenty of swans of course. 

Daughter tried to make friends with one.

But he was more interested in her toes.

To escape the toe eating swan we walked on.

And discovered - well - I'm really not sure.
A monument to the Knitters Guild of Thalwil maybe?

Felsenegg and Thalwil, Switzerland - July 2015


  1. Looks beautiful (other than the toe easting swan) and yarn bombing in Switzerland - who'd have thought it!

  2. Yarn bombing, a toe-eating swan and a great view! What's not to love? If lunch was as delicious as the rest of the photos, it was fabulous indeed!

  3. Beautiful photos- especially that view from the top!

  4. Such a beautiful place to visit, great photos.

  5. Unique knitting:) One to remember.


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