Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cable cars, cow bells and the sound of music

Another day of rest was spent climbing another mountain (though this was more of an alp really).

The easy way of course.

Cable car to "Stage 1"

Where we wandered woods
and lunched.

The only sounds were birds and cow bells.
I kid you not.

We emerged from woods into clear spaces and I had a sudden desire to belt out a rendition of Sound Of Music.
Not sure why.

Another cable car to "Stage 2" for a leisurely row on a mountain lake.

It was such a hot day - and yet there was snow!

We tried to make it to the far shore
but kept going around in circles.

It was quite tempting to take another cable car up to "Stage 3" however we didn't bring snow gear and we were all a bit tired by this stage.

Next time.............

Mount Titlis, Switzerland - July 2015


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. The scenery made photo taking very easy. :)

  2. Those mountains are breathtaking!

    1. They certainly are. I personally don't think there are any equals in the world (but I am biased.)

  3. What beautiful skies! It looks just like you think Sound of Music should look!

  4. Totally understand the Sound of Music's compulsion Debs, I'm humming it right now :) Gorgeous images!


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